Baby's hands and head is cutted When Was Born

Baby With No Hand and Head

A very touching incident occurred in one of the villages in Pinrang, precisely in the Village of Data, District Duampanua. A housewife named Mrs. Nurwahida known about 20-year-old, a mother has given birth to a baby with an appalling condition . When giving birth, the baby's body apart from the others. Allegedly, the birth process is poor and forced to make his head separated from his body. As a result of the incident, had threatened the safety of the mother. This is caused by a severed hand and foot are still lagging behind in the belly of the mother. To ensure the safety of his mother, doctor of Lasinrang Hospital suggesting for surgery.

As Lasinrang Hospital party admitted into treatment Thursday, September 26, 2013 then, the fetus in the uterus is in a state of Mrs. Nurwahida head and hands were dislodged. From the testimony of an officer of the hospital that they did not know the exact cause of the incident, because the mother is the only referral of hospital dompanua. After about 30 minutes of surgery, the baby's body parts successfully remove it from the body of the victim. It is estimated that gestational age was around 28 or 29 weeks.

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