The Freeze of Tourism Potensial In Camba, Maros Regency

Camba, South Sulawesi, southsulawesiarticles.blogspot.comLack of glances from the government to the development of tourism in the sub-region as Camba causing unclaimed land. Some tourism potential is still sleeping and not empowered maximally. The fate of the city is crying and needs creative hands caress him awake and able to spread its wings with the stout.
In eastern of Camba (Cempa), extending Mount Macconggi. One major concern is that the mountain is right in the middle there is a waterfall that local people called "Baruttung". This waterfall has 3 (three) levels, the top level  has high about 1 meter, the second level about ± 3 meters and the third with a high of about ± 7-12 meters. The water comes from the springs of the mountain. The waterfall is then a source of irrigation for rice fields beneath vast stretches and also a source of water for the Salo 'bongga (bongga River) which leads to the Salo' Karaja'E (Karaja'E River). Currently, the amount of discharge of water flowing from the waterfall dwindling during the dry season. It is caused by a number of trees around the falls was reduced. it was because of the forest of this area has been "dare" (plantations) by the people who living around it. Around the waterfall, overgrown with trees such as walnut, fig, guava and also inhabited wildlife such as sparrows, quail, starling and a number of other bird species. In addition, some places around the site there are mountain rocks integrated with towering feather Maccongi and rock climbing can be a challenging area.

Camba, South Sulawesi, southsulawesiarticles.blogspot.comStill in the area, a little to the north, there are also sources of waterfalls located on a high rock cleft, precisely in the village Maddenge. Although only a single level waterfall, but no less interesting with waterfalls Baruttung. It makes this site interesting is a waterfall that appears beside the wall-rocks. It has about 5-6 meters of  high. The locals use this place as a place to wash buffaloes, cows and horses. Development potential of this location is the waterfall, climbing and hiking.

Furthermore, in the heart of northern Camba, there is a village called Patannyamang. Its location on the mountain. In the village, there is a vast meadow by the locals called Padang Loangnge (mean, broad pastures). In the middle of this field, there is a spring-shaped lake. This is where a number of wildlife such as deer, hog deer, wild horses (mustangs) and a flock of birds gather to quench your thirst. A wildlife was amazing. Over the years, this area will be the low level population of these animals.The third location is an object that is still sleeping and has not touched / promoted by the local government. In order for this location can be a potential tourist area and the state as well as a source of foreign exchange, the local governments need to conduct a review into the location and revitalization around the site and then conduct a campaign to attract investors to build the region.

(Brur AA, Makassar)

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