The Draw Well of Mate ("Bujung Pattimpa Parakkuseng"): From Exile Into Tourist Destination

The Heaven of South Sulawesi
"Bujung Pattimpa Parakuuseng"

According to the myth developed, water from well mate is believed to accelerate the arrival of a mate, especially for the unmarried. It is also believed to perpetuate the relationship of The lover or husband and wife. This Kind of Well can be found on Soppeng, Parepare and a number of area in Indonesia. But on this Article, I try to limit my topic to The Draw Well of Mate on Parepare, tourism in South Sulawesi - Indonesia.

If you have a plan to go to South Sulawesi, I encourage you to visit Parepare (one of municipality on South Sulawesi beside Makassar) especially to The District of Soreang, CempaE about 4 kilometers from Parepare. At this location, you will find one draw well, by the surrounding community called “Bujung Pattimpa Parakkuseng “ (The Draw Well of Mate). This object is one of tourism destination in south sulawesi. This Well is most visited on holiday by local tourists especially for the people who still not find their soul mate. This Draw Well also have a uniqueness. The water’s is not salty whereas located at the seaside.

There are a story behind this draw well. According to the local society, the story was beginning from the princess of Bacukiki named Andi Tenri Uleng. She is a very beautiful. One day, she was suffering a leprosy.  Her body issued unpleasant smell.  Because of the desease, the people in that place was scared to be infected. Finally, The Princess exiled to CempaE for 40 days. At the place of exile for 40 days, appeared "Tedong Buleng" (Kind of Bufallo) came to lick her skin covered with leprosy. On the exile, She was accompanied by Ahmad Patujuh. After lick, Ahmad Patujuh brought the princess to take a shower at the beach. Day after day, the condition of the Princess was getting better. After 40 days, the Princess had been recovered and returned to the kingdom.  On the Kingdom, The King asked to Ahmad Patujuh, He said “Hi, Ahmad! What have you done to threat Andi Tenri Uleng?. Ahmad Patujuh said “There’s Nothing My Lord. But there were a Tedong Buleng hunt and licked the whole body of my princess every Friday morning.  After licked, I brought her to the sea. I bathe and drunk her with the sea water. Just that My Lord and Nothing More.” Finally Ahmad Patujuh and Andi Tenri Uleng got Married. And The King and his queen called this location as Bujung Pattimpa Parakusseng.
The Heaven of South Sulawesi
CempaE Beach
Muchlis Salam, Head of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Parepare, said that “We have a plan  to get a Muri Record ("Indonesian Museum Record") for bathing 1000 girls on this draw well at the Birthday of Parepare, next year”. He also said that to make this activities run smoothly, The Government of Parepare will reset back the infrastructures and access to the venue. This event is purposed to promote Parepare as "tourist destination".
(Brur AA, Makassar 2012)

- Fajar Newspaper

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