The Butterfly as The Wings of Bantimurung to Fly In The World

The Heaven of South Sulwawesi,
Is there the kingdom of butterfly? Yes of course. The Great kingdom of butterfly is only in Bantimurung (Maros Regency, The Province Of South Sulawesi). It’s not a figment. A zoologist from England, Alfred Russel Wellace said that Bantimurung is the kingdom of butterfly because it was founded a hundred of butterfly species only at this site with some family i.e Saturnidae, Noctumidae, Spingidae and Nyphalidae. Russel (1856) have found 103 species. The number rises to 130-135 species in 1960. That’s amazing!
But now, the number of populations is reduced. To prevent the extinction of the number of species at the site, the government has made ​​the breeding of butterflies are expected to return the number of population. There are 7 breedings has been built. Beside the breeding, for knowing more about butterfly, it was built a museum of butterfly. We can know how much the species live at the area, kind of them, and also what is the form by preserved butterfly.
Most of them live around Bantimurung Lake (KassiKebo lake), along the water of Kassi Kebo Lake to the waterfall area, the side of Karaengta
Forest. The lake will be fully by butterfly in the morning until mid day. To find the area, we have to walk about 2 kilometers from the waterfall of Bantimurung. But don’t worry! A long the way, We will be treated to a very interesting landscape that make us get no bored. In our left side, we can see a rock mountain and sometimes we walk inside the rock. On The other side, we can see the water of bantimurung Lake with a number of palm tree. 
I think everything in this place is the time to capture a good moment. Flora and fauna are owned by this region is an integral part making the different withanother place. If you come here don’t forget to buy a souvenir. We can find this in the second gate of Bantimurung, or in the parking area. The souvenir is a preserved butterfly in form the form of key chains, necklaces, or frame of Butterfly. The price is depend on their size, from Rp. 10.000, to Rp. 500.000,- ( 1 – 5 dollars). 
If you like animal and natural life, don’t forget to arrive at this place. This is a very amazing place for the butterfly, monkey, dragonfly and more. I think this information will give you information about the kingdom of butterfly on maros regency, south sulawesi as one of national park in Indonesia.


(Brur AA, Makassar, 2012) 

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