Camba on Dilemma: The Static Progress

As the original society on Camba (Tana Cempa), I’m surely feel bad to see the development of my birth place. The progress is descendent  static.  It was no longer of real development until this time if we compare with other regency on Maros. The existing infrastructure on this city is still “warisan masa lalu”. If there is,  it no longer give a new feature for the city and it’s only in the scale of old building renovation. In my friend blog, as his care for the village, he wrote “Camba…?? Daerah mana itu?? Apakah masuk dalam peta?? (Camba, where the place? Can we found on the map?”. It was dilemmatic, as one of the big district on Maros Regency and with most of human and natural resources, This city do almost nothing.  Are the natives of this city has no shame to see the historical progress?

Let’s see, Bantimurung (Name of District on Maros Regency) with their valuable asset “Bantimurung Waterfall”, it should be as benchmark for the development of this city. If  Bantimurung can use The potential of their area and make interest the government of Maros Regency, why Camba is no try to do like what they have done. There are more potential area that can be business area for the investor, was neglected, i.e. Baruttung Waterfall and  Maddenge Waterfall. If these two place are deplored professionally, on  3-year later, The District of Camba will be on the high development, especially on tourism sector.

But, the reality is just on “Saying” or people said “talk much but no action. Some people was care, some was not and others give a punishment to the government of Maros regency by reason of the lowest  respond of the government to monitoring and deploring the potential resources on his area especially on The District of Camba.

From some information, the static progress of the city was affected by some aspects, they are: (1) careless, marked by The neglected of social infrastructures, Andi Baso Stadium looks like dirty; (2) the interesting of Urban (Big City), Some of the society, especially “Beringin Muda Camba” (social group name)” felt better to live and stay at the big city because The can find anything, like a complete infrastructure and the wide of work field; (3) the work field to the village is rare. It’s almost no working field on this district; and (4) the low promotion of the local government for the own potential resources.  Two of waterfalls in this village is still unknown by the villagers

The histories of Camba, of course on our hand. Remember again about the slogan which always hearing by the government of Maros regency that “Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi? Kalau bukan sekarang kapan lagi? (If not us, who? If not now, when?) How to seek by the The regency government if the district government doesn’t know how to “make cover” goodly.

(written by: Brur AA, Makassar)

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