Bugis (To Ogi), The Unknown History Detailed

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Lontara/ Bugis Alphabet
Bugis (Ogi) is one ethnic and language on Indonesia, exactly on The Province of "South Sulawesi". Bugis is one of the big ethnic having a big impact to the development of South Sulawesi historically.  Bugis ("To Ogi", "Tau Ugi", based on social dialect), is the tribe with high spread development. It is on the group of Malay - Deuteron. Most of in Indonesian Area, can be found this ethnic. Meanwhile, the spreading of Bugineese  was not only on Indonesian Territorial, but also it was spread and settled out land like Malaysia, Chine, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, etc on Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. Bugineese was famous with their navigation and "Siri’ na pacce" cultural (shame). The Bugineese has an alphabet written on Lontara, consists of 16 letters and 4 marks to indicate vowel sounds.

The name of Bugis was adopted from the name of first king Cina in Pammana (now, "The Regency of Wajo"), called La Satumpugi. His people called their self as To Ogi, means that the follower of La Satumpugi. La Satumpugi (Father of We Cudai ) had a brother named Batara Lattu (Father of Saweri Gading). Then, They married Saweri Gading with We Cudai  and had son named La Galigo who wrote the big art “I La Galigo” with about 9000 pages. And this book is bigger then The Epic of Mahabarata.

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The story about Bugis is still unknown. This is influenced by the rare of  authentic fact both in monument or artifact  and documents in supporting the research of Bugis History. The written document was only writing the information on the 15 Centuries and after. However, the Old Bugis people, consider that their ancestors are natives who have approached direct incarnation of "the world" is "down" (Manurung) or from the "underworld" that "rise up" (Tompo) to bring the social norms and rules to earth.
According to ancient history that the first Manurung to set foot on the plains of Sulawesi is Tamboro Langi '. He stood on top of Mount Latimojong. At that time, sulawesi area flooded and only the top of Mount Latimojong where the southern and central parts are still dry. Tamboro Langi then married Tande Bili, a goddess who emerged from the river Saddang. They had a son named Sandaboro which then gave birth to La Kipadada. Then, La Kipadada was building three great kingdoms, namely, Rongkong (the origin of Toraja), Luwu (The origin of Bugis) and Gowa (The origin of Makassar).

(Brur AA, Makassar 2012)

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