Bantimurung: Waterfall and The Kingdom Of Butterfly

Waterfal, Bantimurung, The Heaven of South Sulawesi
Waterfal, Bantimurung, The Heaven of South Sulawesi
The Heaven of South Sulawesi,
The Heaven of South Sulawesi, southsulawesiarticles.blogspot.comThe Heaven of South Sulawesi,

Do you like waterfall, butterfly or craves? Let me say one word to you, Bantimurung. Have you ever heard this name before? It was very unfortunate if you've never. But don’t worry, by this reason, I’ll try to give a brief description about the place. At least, it will be a note on your next trips agenda.

In Maros Regency, there is a place named Bantimurung, One district with a number of amazing natural potential. I usually said three in One. Maybe, one question appear on your head, Why? Because in one location We will find three kind of tourism object. As I said on the beginning of this writing: waterfall, butterfly and crave. This is one of the iconic sight in South Sulawesi. By Ten Thousand Rupiah or about $ 1 only, we can enjoy the natural object as much you like.
The Heaven of South Sulawesi, There are a story behind the name of Bantimurung. The name was given by Karaeng Simbang. He gave the name from buginese language, Benti and Merrrung. In the Bugis or Buginese Language Benti means Water and Merrung means Rumble. If we combine the words, it would be Bentimerrung mean the water that make a sound like a thunder. Along of the progress of the time, this name was changed be Bantimurung.

The waterfall located on the Karaengta Forest Area. The height is ± 15 meters and width is ± 20 meters. Around this place was covered by shade trees that have been decade old and some have been hundreds of years old. A thousand species of butterfly, you will find around this waterfall. Alfred Russel Wellace, a zoologist from England named this palce as The Kingdom of Butterfly. He said that there were about 270 species of Butterfly on this place or it was about 10,8% of the species in the world are here. He also said that Bantimurung Butterfly Park is comprehensive in the world Beside that, We will find some craves on this site like Gua Mimpi (Dream Crave), Gua Batu (Stone Crave), Gua Air (Water Crave) and more. The three of this crave has its unique. I will review it separated later.

This place will be busy on holiday. Many people enjoyed their weekend by visiting this place. And now How to reach this place? It’s easy, from Sultan Hasanuddin Air Port, just ride Pete-Pete (kind of transportation tool) or call taxi and ask him to escort the place. You will be ride for 50 km or it’s about one hour in the trip. If you have been arrived, firstly you will see a gate with butterfly and monkey sculpture. If you like a rock mountain, you can stop at the gate and walk about 500 meter. As long the road, you can find the rock mountain.

By the way, in 2011, I met with a tourist from Ireland. His name is David. He is a photographer. He said to me that “It’s very amazing. I never seen like this before. The butterfly give me a good moment, give me a spirit, I love him, I love all. I’ll be back here one day. I’ll miss it”. And Now, what do you think? Get interested to come here?
The Heaven of South Sulawesi, AA, Makassar 2012)

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